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Kevin Murphy Heated Defense

Another fan favorite at the salon is Kevin Murphy Heated Defense, its a must have when using any hot tools, as unfortunately we have seen some mishaps from clients using flat irons and blowdry brushes at home over the years. Blowdry brushes can over heat, as sometimes they only have one setting, so it can be difficult to control the heat temperature, my advice if you can only work with a blowdry brush is to first use a heat protector like Heated Defense, dry off your hair with a regular hair dryer, then only use the blowdry brush to style and shape your hair at the end. If you must use a flat iron, again first apply your Heated Defense, make sure your hair is completely dry before using any hot tool, put your flat iron on the lowest setting, as you might find you will see similar results without going straight to the highest heat level. If you are using hot tools try to limit their use for special occasions or just when truly needed.

Using the Heated Defense will definitely help keep the integrity of your hair intact and give you an extra layer of protection from styling, We also noticed it helps smooth the hair when we blowdry , so definitely an added bonus!

Video link on how to use Heated Defense.

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