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Historical Pictures of Westwood Village

Updated: Mar 21

During the years we have worked in Westwood Village we have seen so many changes. Capelli Lounge used to have old pictures of Westwood in the salon from the 1930 - 1950s, but due to a flood we lost a lot of those pictures. It was so interesting to see how Westwood looked in those times and how much it has changed. We feel very lucky to be in a historical building and can refect on all the changes Westwood has seen over the years. Here is a link to pictures of Westwood during that time.

Below are some current pictures of Westwood Village so you can compare with the pictures from the past. I will continue to update so please stay tuned.

Capelli Lounge on the corner of Gayley & Weyburn.

The Iconic Fox Village Theatre has seen so many movie premiers over the years and was recently purchased according to the Los Angeles Times by a coalition of directors led by Jason Reitman.

Gayley Terrace, across the street from the Salon on Galyey & Weyburn. Gayley Terrace has been featured in many movies over the years.

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